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Hi, my name is Matthew Hicks and I create clean, contemporary websites and branding for small and medium sized businesses and organisations. I am based in Leeds in the heart of West Yorkshire.

Sites that Look Good Everywhere

More than ever before, the web is viewed on a huge range of gadgets, from tablets and phones to widescreen desktop computers. Bad user experiences on mobile and tablets can be one of the key reasons people will leave your website and head to your competitors. Rhubarb Digital websites are built using modern web standards and responsive design techniques to ensure that sites will adapt, both in layout and functionality, to ensure a positive experience on a wide range of devices.

Understanding Web Content

Making good websites relies on more than understanding all the technical stuff - at the heart of a great website is great content. Content is read differently on the web to in print. Often copy that is created for print can be totally inappropriate for use online. This can be down to overall structure, tone of voice, or just too much waffle. By understanding web users, their habits and expectations, I can work with you to create clear, simple and effective content.

Take Control of your Website

All Rhubarb sites can be built to include a content management system. This allows you to log in to the ‘back end’ of your website and edit its content, without having to deal with anything too technical. You may be familiar with Wordpress, one of the most widely used systems around. I can create a site using Wordpress, or another great option is Perch, a really easy-to-use CMS that is loved by clients for its simplicity. If you have no experience of managing a website I can provide all the training you need to take control of your site.

I approached Matthew to create a clean and accessible website from which to market my research and courses I am able to deliver. Matthew listened carefully to my needs about style, content and form and was helpful with respect to organising the domain on which to host the site. Matthew is helpful, friendly, always happy to respond to the smallest of queries to ensure the site is just as you want it to be. I'd highly recommend Matthew.Jennifer Chubb

More about me..

My academic background began in art & design. For many years I produced graphic design and illustration work for t-shirts, CDs and computer games. I became interested in creating websites around 15 years ago, mainly for friends and personal projects, just as a hobby. Five years ago a return to education in the form of an Open University degree in computer science gave me the skills to pursue my interest further and cemented my desire to work in the field. In September 2014 I made the decision to focus on web design full-time and set up Rhubarb Digital.


The portfolio section is being developed all the time. Here are a few examples of the work I have been doing recently.

Jennifer is a researcher and freelance trainer who needed a site to show the range of courses she offers, and a place to display her publications, presentations and testimonials. The site also needed to consolidate all of her social media and academic links as well as providing an easy way for potential clients to get in touch.

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Raw Deal are a heavy metal band from Leeds. They wanted a site which could show their upcoming gigs and incorporate a media player for streaming their tracks. This is a simple one page site and the fun part of this design was creating the illustration of the “toilet monster” mascot, which they can also use on future merchandise.

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If you think we could work together, please get in touch.